How a Business Automation Agency Can Automate Your Home Service Business

business automation agency

Many home service business owners want to expand their business and enjoy some freedom, but the truth is that growth is hard to achieve without quality and systems. By automating your business, you’ll be able to provide better service and increase profitability. Automated businesses also have happier staff and clients. And with less effort, they can increase their customer satisfaction.

King Kong

The King Kong business automation agency has developed a sequence of email campaigns to nurture leads. It balances sales messages with marketing communications and uses conditional logic to deliver relevant messages at the right time. For example, a CTA to schedule a strategy call could be delivered to a prospect only if they are interested in learning more about your services or products. King Kong’s automation sends follow-up emails if the lead does not respond to its initial CTA.

Using automated email sequences keeps your agency top of mind. It drip feeds case studies and videos over a period of five days. King Kong also sets expectations by sending daily videos. This ensures your agency is consistently in front of your prospects, which is essential for achieving results. Besides drip feeds, King Kong also consists of nurturing sequences to ensure your leads are consistently engaged with your content.

Founded in 2014, King Kong is one of Australia’s fastest-growing digital marketing agencies. In its third year of operations, it has grown to 61 employees, generating over $20 million a year.