Free App Building Websites

free app building websites

There are a lot of different websites available to build an app. Some of them are free, while others aren’t. These websites vary greatly in terms of features and price. For the most part, the free plans offer the basics. In contrast, the paid plans include e-commerce capabilities. These features are often necessary to create a successful business.


If you have an Android device, then you can use AppsGeyser to create an Android app with no programming knowledge. It features a simple UI and allows you to build any app you wish. You can also choose from more than 70 design templates. With the help of these templates, you can create an app for any type of product or service.

AppsGeyser is a free app building website that enables you to create and distribute apps with no coding knowledge. It has more than one million apps created and a customer base of thousands of companies and famous names. It offers a number of tutorials to assist you in creating your app.


Mobincube is a website that allows users to create mobile applications. Users can create a wide variety of applications, from simple screens that display product information to complex dictionaries, city guides, and database clients. Using drop-down menus, users can specify additional functionality and features for their app. These options include social network integration, embedded audio, and augmented reality.

Mobincube has been in business for a few years and has a large number of users and more than 18,000 published apps. Its monthly growth rate is 30% and it generates more than one million monthly downloads. Mobincube’s revenue model is a combination of advertising on the site and paid publishing for premium users. This website is free to join, but it offers two different paid publishing options for its paid customers.


AppstronautME allows anyone to create apps in minutes, no coding experience required. You can customize the look and feel of your app, upload content and images, and more. It also offers great training and support in its forum. This website is the best way to get started building apps.

Alpha Anywhere Community Edition

Alpha Anywhere is an app building website that allows you to build and test custom web applications. It has a SQL database backend and provides comprehensive reporting. You can use it for free, and you can create as many applications as you need. It is great for developers who are just starting out, but want to make sure their app will stand the test of time.

Alpha Anywhere pages are built from a collection of elements that a developer can define in order, location, and styling. These elements create the user interface, which is always formatted for a specific screen width. Alpha Anywhere supports client-side event handlers to respond to user actions. For example, you can write custom code to slide out a panel or refresh the grid.


For anyone wanting to learn how to make an app without a lot of technical knowledge, Makerpad can be a good choice. While it is not a coding platform, it does offer plenty of tools and features. It is specifically targeted at non-technical people.

The platform offers a range of templates and 3rd party tools. It also provides training and free guides. It has over 19,000 subscribers and a newsletter with a wealth of information. The Makerpad newsletter contains tips, tutorials, real-world examples, and no-code education.