Freelance Web Developer – How to Get Your Foot in the Door

freelance web developer

If you’re interested in becoming a freelance web developer, there are several methods to get your foot in the door. Some of these include Gigster, Stack Overflow, CodePen, and GitHub. These methods are fast, efficient, and can help you jumpstart your career quickly. But the best way to scale your business is to streamline processes.


If you are in need of a web developer, you may want to try using Gigster to find a team of freelancers to complete your project. These teams can be assembled in as little as a few days. They typically include a designer and several developers. Gigster also provides a dashboard for tracking the progress of your project.

A Gigster project manager oversees the entire process and communicates with the team members. This helps ensure the project is completed on time, as Gigster has AI-powered infrastructure that makes adjustments to its team accordingly. When the project is complete, Gigster will turn over the keys to the project to the client. The client can then use the resulting app. A custom web app can be built on top of Gigster’s platform, ensuring that the project meets its goals.

Gigster’s freelance network is invite-only, so you can be sure you are getting the best developers. The team members are highly skilled and have a wealth of experience. You can even use Gigster to manage your project for you.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a question-and-answer platform used by programmers to share knowledge, educate themselves, and advance their careers. Founded in 2008, the site is now one of the largest online communities of programmers. It features a question-and-answer format, where users ask questions, and 4.7 million programmers provide answers, rating each answer for its relevance and usefulness.

The site boasts 40 million visitors each month, who use the site to exchange programming ideas and resolve coding problems. It is led by Jeff Szczepanski and Joel Spolsky, and has received funding from investors such as Jeff Bezos’ Bezos Enterprises. The company has offices in Denver, Colorado, and London, UK, and employs freelance developers in dozens of countries.

Stack Overflow is a great forum for developers to meet and collaborate, as well as for employers to find talented web developers. The site has a diverse population of users with a variety of skills. It is also much cheaper than Toptal for hiring a freelance web developer, and the company will receive biweekly invoices.


If you’re looking for a freelance web developer, you should consider checking out the CodePen website. This site is designed to create portfolios for small projects and professional work. It’s a great way to display your skills and expertise in a simple way. CodePen also has an app called GoVisually, which is an easy way to annotate any file. It lets you highlight areas of code or leave comments.

You can create a codepen portfolio to show clients what your skills are and what you can do for them. You can also create content cards to display your skills. You can also get design inspiration from Hongkiat’s content cards. These cards can help you sell your design skills and gain exposure.

You should also look for freelance opportunities on LinkedIn. Professionals often use this social media site to connect with clients. It helps freelance web developers network with clients who are looking for a good web developer.


Whether you’re a freelance web developer or working on a team project, GitHub is a useful tool. It allows you to store and manage your code in a central location, show off your work, and collaborate with other developers. It also allows you to fork other projects to expand upon them and create your own. The centralized repository can make your work more attractive to clients and recruiters.

It also allows you to share your development projects with clients. You can post your work in a live repository, and clients can test drive it before you send it off to them. GitHub also offers a list of popular, trending, and starred projects. Public repositories can also be downloaded as zip files.

A well-organized, interesting GitHub profile speaks volumes about your abilities as a coder. Technical recruiters are always on the lookout for developers with an extensive GitHub profile. This profile should be a natural extension of your CV.