Lodestar Chain Block 2 Ton

chain block 2 ton

Lodestar manufactures a variety of chain blocks, including the 2 ton block. The company offers a sourcing process that involves individual or group sourcing, as well as advanced technology and comprehensive data about Chinese suppliers. It also offers the latest manufacturing and processing machinery, and can facilitate your production process from start to finish. This makes obtaining high quality chains and other metal products from China an easy task. Read on to learn more about Lodestar.


The new Lodestar chain block from the Columbus McKinnon Corporation is designed for professional use in many different industries. With an IP66 protection rating and a heavy-duty motor, it offers the durability and speed required for any industrial task. It is ideal for outdoor use due to its grease-lubricated gearbox and heavy-duty motors. A high-duty motor is available as an option with overload protection and an adjustable limit switch for safety. The Lodestar chain block features an H-4 duty rating and is available in a 2M+ FEM class. Moreover, it also has an ISO9001 certificate for high-quality construction and industrial applications.

The Lodestar chain block is equipped with a CM Lodestar electric chain hoist. This machine is equipped with a clutch and brake on the outside of the gear box to prevent slipping of the load in an overload condition. It also features a zinc-plated gear box, finger-safe wiring, and plug-in connectors to reduce risk of shock. Its lifetime grease-lubricated Gear Box provides maximum durability and is environmentally friendly. The Lodestar chain block is also available as a two-ton single-reeved unit. This chain hoist is equipped with a rugged steel frame and is made with corrosion-proof materials.

The Lodestar chain block 2 ton electric chain hoist is a versatile material handling device for high capacity lifting and is offered with hook and lug suspensions. Its heavy-duty design is also suitable for heavy-duty industrial applications. The Lodestar NH electric chain hoist also comes with a CM Hoistaloy(r) load chain, a durable steel frame, and grease-lubricated gearbox.