Investing in the Ben Franklin Technology Fund

franklin technology fund

A Ben Franklin Technology Development Authority (BFTDA) is a public-private partnership in Massachusetts that provides capital and business expertise to early-stage companies in clean energy, alternative energy, and related sectors. The BFTDA also provides support for entrepreneurial infrastructure and administrative expenses. A portion of BFTDA’s appropriation from the Commonwealth budget is designated for the fund. To learn more about how the BFTDA works, please visit the Ben Franklin Technology Development Authority’s website.

Investing in a flexi-cap fund

If you’re looking to invest in the booming tech sector, you might want to consider investing in the Franklin India Technology Fund. This fund focuses on companies whose future success depends on the use of new technologies. Investors can deduct TDS from their funds, allowing them to claim it as a tax credit in the year the funds are distributed. This fund is considered a tax-free income portfolio, but there are some important risks that you need to keep in mind.

The investment objective of mutual funds is to generate capital appreciation. The key investor information document provides detailed information about the fund’s risks and expenses. Its sales charges and expenses are detailed in the fund prospectus, which you should read carefully before investing. You may wish to consider investing in a fund with a lower investment objective. Always consider the risks associated with any fund before making an investment. Investing in a fund that has a narrow investment mandate may not be appropriate for your needs.

Investment goals

The Franklin Technology Fund invests in equity securities of companies in the technology sector. These companies can be in a variety of industries and produce products that benefit from advancements in technology. The investment team evaluates management quality and growth prospects to make its decisions. Its portfolio is comprised of more than 55 ETFs, ranging from passive to active. As of November 30, 2021, the fund held $ 9.7 billion in assets.

The fund invests at least two thirds of its assets in equity securities of technology companies. These companies provide services, products, and technology-related infrastructure. The Franklin Technology Fund targets companies with strong growth potential. Some of these companies are in the fields of telecommunications, media, and information services. While the fund generally invests a minimum of 50% of its assets in equity securities, it focuses on companies that have high-growth potential.


You can learn about the charges for the Franklin Technology Fund and what they mean in your investment. As with any mutual fund, these fees are a part of the overall cost of running the fund. These fees will reduce the overall return you receive. Before you purchase your fund, make sure to review the charges. Each one varies in size and may affect your returns. You may be able to find a better fund for your money by evaluating the fees and charges of other mutual funds.

Tax-free income portfolio

The tax-free income portfolio of the Franklin Technology Fund is comprised largely of investments in municipal bonds. The funds invest primarily in investment grade municipal bonds because they don’t pay federal income tax or alternative minimum tax. Although the fund aims to invest its entire asset base in tax-free securities, as much as 20% of its assets are in taxable debt securities. However, the fund invests in a variety of different types of bonds.

The investment strategy of the Franklin Technology Fund is tax-efficient, but its risk of volatility may not be worth it for everyone. The Fund invests in technology-related companies and global markets. The fund seeks to invest in companies that benefit from technological advances. The Fund’s management deducts TDS from resident and non-resident investors, and investors can claim a tax credit on TDS when they file their annual return.