Choosing a Chain Block for 2 Ton Chains

chain block 2 ton

A chain block is an excellent tool for your work shop. Made with steel chain and cast iron hooks, it has a rust-resistant finish and is highly durable. It is manufactured by an older manufacturer with a good reputation for quality. In addition to its heavy-duty capacity, the chain block is also easy to use and store. It is a great tool for your work shop and can be used to hoist large objects without a lot of difficulty.

Hand-powered chain hoist

A hand-powered chain hoist for 2 ton chains is a versatile, cost-effective tool for lifting and lowering heavy loads. Its heavy-duty steel hooks rotate 360 degrees without twisting and are equipped with mechanical load brakes. Roller ball bearings reduce friction and increase efficiency. Its cold-rolled steel cover protects the chains from wear. Its 1/4-inch-diameter chains are made of 20Mn2 alloy steel and feature a black oxide finish.

These tools are extremely inexpensive and provide a cost-effective way to lift and lower heavy loads. They can be used to lift automotive parts on jib cranes. The capacity ranges from half to two tons, and many of them are equipped with overload protection. They can be used in many industries, from construction to automotive shops. The two-ton capacity hand chain hoist can lift anything up to two tons and can be used for both temporary and permanent installations.

Lifting capacity

This manual hand lift chain block hoist is designed with a 2 ton load capacity and features a mechanical load brake. The chain blocks rotate 360 degrees without twisting, and all rotating components are mounted on roller ball bearings for efficiency and reduced friction. The chain blocks are finished in black oxide and are constructed of 20Mn2 alloy steel. The hoist is equipped with a safety switch and chain lock.

It is made of high quality steel and a one-piece suspension frame for optimum stability. The fully enclosed gear train and lift wheel are fully enclosed. Safety swivel hook latches are standard. Optional features include an automatic double pawl braking system and disc and screw-type load brakes. This hoist can pass a 1,500-times operation running test. These hoists have many advantages and are designed to meet the needs of your business.

Security protection

The TOHO HSZ-622A OP Chain Block Hoist is designed to provide maximum safety and security. It has a two-ton capacity and a lifting capacity of four thousand pounds (two tons). This chain hoist features a heavy-duty steel hook, a security latch and a maximum lift height of eight feet (2.5 m). The chain can rotate fully 360 degrees without twisting. It also features premium load-sharing gears and a brake.

Safety measures

When choosing a chain block, be sure to look for the features and safety measures that are included with it. These features are essential for mechanical and electrical machinery, as they prevent the ignition of combustible or explosive mixtures. You may also want to look for safety latches, rotation, and yellow chromated parts. Stainless steel chain hoists are a step above their counterparts, and they come with an explosion-proof stamped steel housing and hand-chain guides that rotate 360 degrees.

Before using your chain block, make sure it is clean and dry. If you have any rust on the unit, it is crucial to protect it from corrosive elements. Never drag or throw a non-portable chain block around the concrete. Always install your chain block according to its manufacturer’s specifications and have it tested for safety before using it. Make sure that the bottom hook of the chain block hits the lowest position without the chain running out.