The Billion Coin – The Price of a Billion Coin

the billion coin

In this article, we’ll take a look at the price of TBC, where you can buy it, and whether it’s a scam. We’ll also explain why you shouldn’t buy TBC from online exchanges. Despite the hype, there are a few legitimate reasons to buy TBC. This article will cover these things and more. Read on! Also, don’t miss the video below! It’s filled with useful information about this cryptocurrency!

Price of TBC

TBC (The Price of a Billion Coin) is a cryptocurrency that operates independently of the market and is not listed in the coinmarketcap exchange. The currency is not based on market value or a currency exchange, so its price is completely unrelated to its market value. The price of TBC increases as more investors join. As a result, TBC is a unique coin among cryptocurrencies. Here are some key things to know about TBC.

The current price determines the path from the Initial Price to the Ultimate Value. This value is determined by a mathematical formula that measures the average growth of Verified Members on the network. The path can be anywhere from 1% to 5%, and will increase daily. For example, the Price of TBC can increase by 1% each day until it reaches the ultimate value of one billion euros. The current price will be used by both Buyers and Sellers to perform transactions.

The TBC scam is one of the most common forms of fraud. It targets people in third-world countries, such as Africa and the Philippines. Scammers target poor people and line their pockets by tricking people into buying TBC. The site is popular in these countries, with over five hundred thousand visitors a month. But before you make your decision, consider how much you can afford to spend on this scam. You might end up wasting a lot of money if you decide to purchase TBC.

Availability of TBC on online exchanges

The Billion Coin (TBC) is a new cryptocurrency that was launched in March 2016 and is aimed at ending poverty globally. The currency has a price of 0.001 Euro per TBC, which is divided into 100 “kringles.” The administrators of the project are not known, although the coin’s decentralized nature is reflected in its volatility. In addition, many members’ accounts have been suspended without any warning.

The website of the project claims that investors in the TBC have become millionaires. The Admins also urge you to invite friends to join the scheme. Some scammers may claim that the coin is a new gold mining project, but they will soon find other ways to fleece their members. They even cite Nigeria as a success story. This isn’t true, as stores in Nigeria accept the TBC for exchange.

The TBC currency is not listed on the Coin Market Cap and world Coin Index. If you want to exchange it for Bitcoin or other altcoins, you must sell it to another user of the TBC. However, the admin of the project does not disclose the price of the TBC, which means you’re stuck with a worthless coin. In order to sell your TBC, you must lure another member to your scam scheme.

Scam nature of TBC

The Billion Coin is another get-rich-quick scheme. It is marketed towards the newbie Bitcoin investor demographic. It makes outrageous claims and targets them with the use of their money. But what’s the real nature of the TBC? In short, it’s a scam. A typical Ponzi Scheme uses money from new investors to pay fake profits to earlier investors. There are several reasons that make this scam so dangerous.

The first problem is that TBC is difficult to buy. You need to pay a small admin fee in BTC before you can get the coins. And even if they did, they would not refund your money. So the only way to get your money back is by sending it via wire transfer. However, that process can take a very long time. You may want to consider other methods of earning TBC. These include P2P sales, which require you to convince others to purchase TBC.

Another problem is that TBC does not use market forces to determine its price. The value of TBC is determined by a formula. This formula automatically increases in value, defying financial logic. And the returns are only fueled by other investors joining the scam. Because of this, TBC is more like a Ponzi investment than a legitimate cryptocurrency. It does not operate in an open market and is not regulated by a central authority.